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Best Power BI Training Courses

Best Power BI Training Courses In 2020

With the help of powerful tools like Power BI, you can get insight into any business, based on the available raw data. You can make correct business decisions by analyzing the data collected from different sources. However, to make the most out of Power BI, you must know how to use it.

The experts in this field offer Power BI training on various online platforms. The article covers the best Power BI training courses to help anyone get started with Power BI and also learn the advanced topics to become an expert in the field.

ProtonMail vs gmail

ProtonMail vs Gmail – The Battle of Privacy vs Features

It is a difficult task when it comes to choosing between Gmail and ProtonMail as your primary email service. Both of them are popular and provide a range of services and features related to email. Although the end goal is to send and receive emails, there are tons of differences between ProtonMail and Gmail.

The article clearly explains ProtonMail vs Gmail and also highlights the differences and similarities between them by classifying features and services. It should make it easy for you to choose the correct service for your requirements.

Best JavaScript Certification Courses

JavaScript Certification Courses To Take In 2020

You cannot add interactivity to your web page without adding JavaScript to it. It is also a base of many advanced languages like AngularJS and Node.js. Once you know JavaScript, you can easily handle client-side programming. There are many professional certifications for JavaScript, which you can do to prove your skills and knowledge.

The article lists the best JavaScript certification courses to help you gain expertise and command over this language. People who are novices can become advanced programmers by taking up an appropriate course according to their prior knowledge.

Best Android Auto Apps

14 Best Android Auto Apps That Promise You A Better Ride

Android Auto is an application developed by Google, which mirrors your android device and enables you to use those apps in your car. It can perform various functions such as playing music, tuning in to the radio, showing correct maps, given that it has the right apps to carry out these tasks. Users can also get their daily dose of morning news using Android Auto apps.

The article entails the best Android Auto apps in various segments such as music, radio, navigation, Maintenance, and so on. The choice of the app in every segment depends upon the user's needs and requirements.

Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

What To Do When Windows 10 Calculator Is Not Working

Calculators are an important part of the Windows operating system, as they allow users to do necessary calculations while preparing any statistical report or data on their PC. However, certain factors might cause the calculator application to malfunction; the ‘Windows 10 calculator not working’ is a common issue faced by users.

The article gives you solutions to get the calculator back to normal working condition. Also, it gives a short brief on what must be done if none of the listed solutions are successful in eradicating the problem. It is essential to mention that the calculator not working issue shouldn’t be pressed upon too much since there are always enough alternatives to replace its functionality.

How To Add Footnotes In Google Docs

How To Add Footnotes In Google Docs Like a Pro

Google Docs offers many options for proper customization and formatting of documents. Users can turn to Google Docs for creating various types of personal and professional documents. Footnote is a feature that helps in adding a professional touch to the document.

It is used for adding an extra bit of information regarding certain terms in different types of documents. It can also be used for showing the citation of specific terms in a document. This article talks about how to add footnotes in Google Docs. Also, it contains third-party add-ons for creating citations for documents.